What are Packages?

Packages are groups of related HTML, CSS and JS that can be installed as a single product through Package Manager. Packages are divided into catalogs. Each catalog has a unique offering of power and customization that it provides to your build.


In its simplest definition, layouts consist of one or more related html pages which are installed as a group. A layout can optionally be specific to a CSS framework, or even be prebuilt to utilize certain tricks. Layouts are devoid of any inline styling, so they should pick up the current site theme automatically. Plug and play.

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Traditionally, adding extra JavaScript functionality to a website requires web designers to write a few lines of JavaScript. For many reasons, this is not ideal. For example, not every web designer is skilled enough to write JavaScript. It’s also a distraction from the flow of writing HTML. In BC Pie, a trick is a special JavaScript plugin that is used entirely through html data attributes. No js skills required.


Themes are a simple way of changing the foundational styling of a site. With a simple theme.css file, a site can take on a whole new look.

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Choosing and installing a CSS framework, like Foundation or Bootstrap, should be clean and easy. BC Pie makes it so.

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Through BC Pie’s Package Manager app, you can natively install fonts from TypeKit, Google Fonts, or even upload fonts from your computer.

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Coming this summer, NPM's vast catalog of front-end packages will be available to use directly through the app. This includes thousands of libraries, frameworks and plugins. 

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